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We are located 6 km.out side of Takasu in a rice growing area, 15 km. from Asahikawa, Hokkaido’s second largesr city.  Being very close to the center of Hokkaido, the entire island is within a days return trip.

by bus : to Takasu Town   "Takasu10-10" Dohhoku bus #3 bus station front of Asahikawa station.  

SEE this page 

BY TRAIN: coming into Asahikawa from either south, Saporro, or east, Furano, when you leave the station go straight out the doors to the highway,and on your right are bus stops. Wait at the number three stop for your bus. See bus schedule.

Once you are on your bus, stay on until the end of the line in Takasu. The bus will turn off the road in front of a Municipal building. We will pick you up there, in a van with a dog sledding sign or small white car.

 NOTE. There is a pay phone in the lobby of the building at the end of the bus line in Takasu. 

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